How do I pay for beats?
Email Info@AntoineDon.com for all custom music production and mixing inquiries or call (323) 819-5564
What are leased rights?
Leasing rights means when a music artist buys a beat they do not own the beat exclusively. The beat is usually lower in price because it will be sold multiple times to multiple music artists.
What are exclusive rights?
Exclusive rights mean the beat will only be sold once to a single music artist. That artist then owns the beat.
What are track outs?
Trackouts are the individual instruments of a beat (or song) separated into 24-bit Wav files (usually provided in a zip folder). Trackouts are important for the simple fact that it is practically impossible to have a professional sounding song without them. Record labels ask for them. Mix engineers need them.
What is the delivery time?
All custom exclusive tracks are subjective to the artists' project deadline, the number of tracks in the song, and mixing. 
How do I upgrade my current beat license?
Simply by paying the difference on the new license.
Do you offer discounts?
By subscribing to Antoine Don's email list, you will receive a 50% off discount code via email. After subscribing, the weekly newsletter will include a different 25% discount code every week. 
Will the voice tags be removed after purchase?
All tracks will only feature one voice tag at the beginning of each track. The rest throughout the song are removed.